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What’s the story behind Mountain Baby?

Mountain Baby outdoor gear, toys and much more for kids 6 and underWhat could I do to earn some money for my family while I was staying home with my kids?

That was the question I asked myself way back in 1993.

My young family had just moved from the big city of Vancouver, BC with nearly 500,000 people to the sweet, small town of Nelson, B,C. A very small mountain town of less than 10,000 people. I decided to continue doing the community service work I had done in Vancouver. I started a La Leche League (breastfeeding support) Group in Nelson, and became involved with the Parents Association and various community groups.

While I was active in the community, things became difficult at home. My son Aaron developed profound health issues. I knew I had to be with my kids full time so we became a homeschooling family. I was totally committed to being at home with my son Aaron and daughter Elena.

Living in a small town and being a stay at home mom wasn’t financially easy. We needed additional income. So I thought, “what could I do, with my knowledge of children, parenting, education, to bring in some money while staying at home?”

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Little did I know that my need to support my young family would one day turn into a thriving store that supports families and young children not only in Nelson, but across the planet.

These days I’m proud to be supporting families as we’re growing online too.

This is the 4th version of our website.
We have a very popular Facebook page.

We are always sharing our product knowledge in our YouTube videos.

I’m blogging… Never saw that coming in 1994!
That’s one of the ways I share my parenting experience to help your parenting adventure.

And I also keep in touch via my email updates with advice, sales and what new things we have at the store.

And our customers love it!

Welcome to Mountain Baby!

Judy Banfield, owner Mountain BabyHi, my name is Judy Banfield and I'm the founder and owner of Mountain Baby. I’ve been involved with families, babies and young children for all of my adult life.

I know that parenting is by far the hardest, and most important job on the planet. And I know that as a parent you have a million decisions to make every day.

Mountain Baby helps you learn to be a confident parent.

Trusting your choices helps you feel more confident. Learning more about parenting from a trusted source also helps you feel more confident.

For nearly 20 years, Mountain Baby has been researching, buying and selling the best stuff for newborn to 6 year olds. We focus on safety, quality, sustainability, and developmental appropriateness.

Thousands of customers worldwide rely on us for our high quality outdoor gear, baby basics, clothing, toys and more. Relax and trust us to make the best choices for you too.

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What others say about Mountain Baby?

Mountain Baby values

"I truly love this store!  I have been ordering online from Mountain Baby for years now and the products are of quality.  Every time I have visited Nelson, BC I always am soo excited to visit the store and stock up on all my favourite products that they carry!! This store truly has heart and soul and no matter if you order online or visit the store in person you will always sense the the passion that has been put into creating this incredible store:)"

Stephanie D. 
Comox, BC

“... knowledge, friendliness, educating customers. The emails are fabulous at addressing key issues: dressing for winter, etc. I loved the one on the car seat bunting sack as I had similar concerns. I love that MB is so much more than a store... It is exploring the world of babies, kids, parenting, and living in the mountains.” 

Danielle C. 
Bonnington, BC

That’s not something you hear about just any store. I’ve worked hard with my staff over the years to create a store and online shopping experience that truly supports parents, families and children too. Meet the Mountain Baby Family.

We value eco friendly products that are safe for kids and sustainable to produce. We shop local, independant or family owned as close to it as possible. We hate cheapo toys, clothing and gear as much as you do and sell durable products that will last (and be hand me downs). Our values are so important, we posted them on a separate page here.