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Aqualung Zip PC Kids Mask & Snorkel Set 4+

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Aqualung Zip PC Kids Mask & Snorkel Set 4+

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Children who love to swim and really want to know what’s going on below will appreciate the quality and design of this beginner two piece snorkelling set. The Zip PC Kids set which includes a mask and snorkel, is not made by a toy company, but by a serious diving gear company, Aqualung. It is a real snorkeling set designed for children aged 4 +

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For those kids who “take to the water like a fish”, being able to swim, see and breathe under water is a dream come true. Having the right equipment to be able to do this is essential. Most kids’ “snorkeling sets” are made by toy companies and end up frustrating children who really want to know what’s going on below the surface! This Zip PC Snorkeling Combo set is the real thing, made by Aqualung.

This two piece set includes a mask and snorkel. This is a great entry level set for kids approximately age 4-7.

Small/Medium fits shoe sizes 9-13. Large/Xtra Large fits sizes 1-4. (There are no fins included but these are stil built by shoe size!)

The traditional style mask, made from durable , safe, shatter resistant polycarbonate, provides a wide field of view. The soft facial skirt and quick release 3-way  buckles offer a great, comfortable fit. Kids can easily adjust the mask themselves.

The snorkel features the classic curved design to introduce young swimmers to traditional snorkeling. The comfortable mouthpiece has an easy to clear purge valve to keep water out of kids’ mouths.  The mask features easy-adjust, quick-release buckles, allowing kids to easily create the perfect fit. The submersible, dry-top snorkel keeps water out of the breathing tube and features a one-way purge valve.The barrel has a splash resistant top and a quick release clip for attachment to the mask strap.

This snorkel set makes a great gift for your “little fish”

The set includes a convenient travel bag for storage.

The Aqua Lung Kids Zip PC Snorkeling Combo features a smaller fit for first-time divers.


Junior Mask

  • Junior face skirt to fit smaller, narrower faces, ages 4+
  • Pool safe, shatter resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Easy adjust buckles

Junior Snorkel

  • Submersilbe, dry top snorkel - Designed to keep water out of the breathing tube above and below the surface of the water.
  • One-way purge valve for easy clearing.



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