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Baby Whoozit

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Baby Whoozit

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The Baby Whoozit really is THE toy to have. And it’s not just because anyone who’s anyone has it (we know you don’t care about THAT kind of thing), but because it’s been a number one hit with babies for 15 years no. Parents report that the engaging colours and textures of Whoozit keep babies entertained for record time (upwards of 20 minutes, they say!). Attach it to cradles, strollers, etc, and buy yourself that precious few extra minutes to finish your errands, conversations, or even sleep! The Baby Whoozit is a scaled-down version of the regualr Whoozit that’s great for strollers and carriers, and taking along with you on trips.

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This brilliantly-designed  Baby Whoozit is mesmerizing to babies. They can stare into its vibrant, smiley face on one side, and get lost in its black-and-white patterns on the reverse for an astoundingly long time. The 7 “arms” of the toy all have unique textures and sounds (like crinkles, shakers, and non-annoying squeakers), that further stimulate the senses of your little ones. There’s even a hidden mirror behind the Whoozit’s big red nose.  Want some hang out time with your wee one? Prop baby on your lap and hold the Whoozit in front of those inquisitive eyes. Move it back and forth, squeak the nose, shake the “arms”, or tuck them in for “hide and seek’ play. Once babe is reaching for things, the “arms “ are a great target to reach for. A wonderful interactive experience for both of you. And babies love snuggling up to the ultra-soft velour.

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