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Battat Sound Puzzle Box

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Battat Sound Puzzle Box

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The Battat Sound Puzzle has been enjoyed by children for over 30 years. It’s one of those super simple, but super perfect toys that engage children on many levels. Basically its a shape sorter with a “sound” twist. When the correct shape is placed in the tube, a sound is created. No batteries. Just the sound produced by the air going into the shape. Ingenious! This toy captivates even the most reluctant puzzle doer. For ages 1 and up.

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When I taught preschool many years ago, the Battat Sound Puzzle was one of the most treasured, and well used toys we had. children just were drawn to it and played with it over and over. I loved it because it was a delightful engaging way to teach shape, colour, in and out, turn over. up and down, counting, and lots of vocabulary. Kids who would be hard pressed to sit down and do something quiet, loved this toy.

The three basic shapes are each a different colour, and they have to be placed in the matching shaped, see through tube. The shapes themselves have a small reed in them (like a musical instrument) and as the shape goes down the tube, air rushes past the reed and a very fun sound is produced, which lasts the whole way down. Once the shapes are in, the whole thing gets turned upside down and the pieces are dumped out. This is different than the way most shape sorters work.

In between each tube there are coloured shapes on stationary rods. These are good for counting, shape and colour recognition. For ages 1 and up.

Our local Infant Development Specialist loves this toy. And here’s a great review from a Speech Pathologist:

“I am a Speech Pathologist and use these toy with all my toddlers. It is appropriate for this age group due to the cause and effect/dump and fill type play it involves. The shapes make sounds as they are put into the slots which is very motivating to toddlers. I use it to stimulate language by withholding the shapes and requiring the child to ask for them (more, mine, my turn). You can also work on turn taking with this toy. I call this my magic toy and buy it for all of my friends who have young toddlers. Enjoy.

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