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Born Free Glass Bottle 5oz 1-pack

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Many of our customers who use bottles either when they are away from their breastfed babies, or for regular feedings, prefer to use bottles made of glass. Born Free® Glass Bottles are designed to meet the feeding needs of all babies, taking into account the needs of the breastfed baby for a more natural feeling nipple.

The patented ActiveFlow™ venting technology allows baby to control milk flow fora more natural feeding experience, making it easier to switch between bottle and breast. It is designed to reduce colic and gas.

Glass is, or course,  BPA and toxin free.

This bottle holds 5 oz of liquid.


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Finding the right nipple for your breastfed baby can be quite challenging. Some babies easily adapt to any nipple, some resist all artificial nipples, and some are comfortable with a nipple that more closely mimics breastfeeding.

The nipple that comes with the Born Free glass bottle is considered one of the least nipple confusing nipples.

This bottle holds 5 oz. of liquid.


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