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Breastflow Bottles

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Breastflow Bottles

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So you want to go out for a few hours of baby-free time, but your happy healthy breast fed baby won’t take a bottle. What’s a Mom to do? Many of our customers tell us that the Breastflow bottle is the only bottle their babies will take. The Breastflow bottle requires a double action from the baby - compression and sucking - which is more in alignment with how babies actually get milk from your breast. It's not a substitute for Mom, but it's a good stand-in!

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Many Moms find leaving their breast fed babies challenging on both an emotional level and a physical level. But if you have decided that you want to, or need to, you have to find a way to feed your baby when you are not there. Many breastfeeding moms find, to their chagrin, that their babies just won’t take a bottle. The reason is simple: bottle nipples feel different, look different, smell different and behave very differently that the breast. Most bottle nipples are shaped very differently than the breast, and are much less flexible. They require a straight sucking action which is very different from the action required to feed from your breast. So for many babies, when you put an artificial nipple in their mouth they say “What’s this? It feels yucky! Get it away from me!” Smart kids!

As a Lactation Consultant and La Leche League Leader, I have helped many moms (and dads) find ways to encourage their babies to take a bottle, some of which work and some of which don’t. With the advent of the Breastflow bottle and it’s unique nipple, I can finally say to parents,”Your baby will probably be okay with this bottle”. For most babies it works as it requires both compression and sucking, as does the breast.

The word is out so we are constantly reordering these bottles. Unfortunately every baby is different and there are no guarantees it will work for yours, but it's a good bet, and worth a try!

The Breastflow bottles can be bought individually in 5 oz size, or in a 3 pack in a 9 ounce size.

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