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Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer

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Spray away the poop quickly and easily the clean, sanitary, no mess way. The Bumkins Diaper Sprayer makes cloth diapering easy!

  • It is simple to install : no tools or plumber required

  • It has an adjustable spray pressure

  • You can  easily rinse cloth diapers - less mess, less stress

  • No more dunk and soak! (the least fun part of cloth diapers!)

This is the simple way to rinse cloth diapers before washing. The adjustable high-pressure spray is perfect for rinsing messy cloth diapers in the toilet.! A diaper sprayer is the perfect partner to your cloth diapering routine - less mess means less stress!

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Some people stay away from cloth diapers because they just don't want to do the messy "dunk and soak" part of cleaning them.

The Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer makes it super easy to rinse off cloth diapers in a "clean hands" sanitary way.

The Sprayer Package includes:

    Spray wand holder with clip
    47.25” stainless steel spray hose with EPDM braided inner hose
    Solid brass T-connector
    Brass ceramic shut-off valve, allows for adjustable water flow
    Spray wand with adjustable lever

*Toilet must have a flexible supply line.

Fits most standard Northamerican style toilets. The Bumkins Diaper Sprayer also works great for potty bowl clean-up or personal hygiene.

The shut-off works as a back flow valve, so always remember to turn off the diaper sprayer valve after each use!

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