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Coghlan's Telescoping Fork

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Coghlan's Telescoping Fork

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The Coghlan's Telescoping Fork is one of those cool family camping gadgets that keeps the peace and keeps people safe. Its strong, nickel plated shaft telescopes out to 34" (86 cm), yet compacts down small enough to carry in your backpack. Parents recommend getting one for each child that's old enough to use them so they can all cook at the same time. You can always add in a couple for the adults as well!


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"Your stick is longer than mine!" A familiar cry when roasting marshmallows or hot dogs (meat or veggie!) around the family campfire. Finding the perfect size stick that is effective, and safe (and of equal sizes!), to cook with, is a challenge. That's where Coghlan's Telescoping Fork comes in. It's great for cooking safely over a campfire. It telescopes open to just the right length and the wooden handle keeps the end you hold cool, so no one burns their hands. You can feel comfortable letting your children roast their own!

The fork has a nifty little wheel at the top of the handle which allows you to turn the goody you are cooking without having to turn the whole fork - kids will love it (and probably get some well-spinned food!)

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