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International Playthings Lacrosse Set

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International Playthings Lacrosse Set

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Despite being Canada's National Sport, Lacrosse is often overlooked and doesn't get the credit it deserves! But it is a fun and challenging game, which has all the elements of any exciting team sport, and a range of skills are developed as children toss the soft foam ball to each other. This Lacrosse set, from International Playthings, is specially made for children 5 and up and is designed to introduce them to this fun sport.

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Kids enjoy learning new sports, and new skills that keep them active and moving. Though not that well known, lacrosse is an exciting sport that develops aim, focus, and strength, and provides lots of opportunity to run and move.

With the International Playthings Lacrosse set your kids have an opportunity to be introduced to a new sport, and maybe become inspired to take up the sport more seriously. And if there isn't a team in your community, your kids can start one!

This kids Lacrosse Set includes 2 kid-sized sticks that are perfect for the backyard or the beach. Their foam handles are easy to grip and hold. The soft, foam ball makes cradling and tossing easy!

Note: In case you are not familiar with Lacrosse, it is a team sport of Native American origin that is played using a small solid Rubber ball (this ball is soft foam) and a long-handled racquet called a crosse or lacrosse stick. The head of the lacrosse stick is strung with loose netting that is designed to hold the lacrosse ball. Offensively, the objective of the game is to use the lacrosse stick to catch, carry, and pass the ball in an effort to score by shooting the ball into an opponent's goal. Defensively, the objective is to keep the opposing team from scoring and to dispossess them of the ball through the use of stick checking and body contact or positioning.

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