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Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Nightlight

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Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Nightlight

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With the award-winning Tranquil Turtle as your trusty sidekick, bedtime gets a little easier. The soothing underwater projections and calming sounds will help your little one feel comfortable in the dark and will ease them into a peaceful sleep, which means you can get one too! Battery operated  (3AAA's, included), and super portable, you can even take this camping and soothe the whole family to sleep in your tent!


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The Tranquil Turtle projects a gentle wave effect onto your little one’s bedroom ceiling and walls in a soft colourful light, while playing either comforting wave sounds or a sweet melody. If your little one is adjusting to sleeping in their own room or gets a little freaked out by the dark, the Tranquil Turtle is a great companion to have on the bedside table. The Tranquil Turtle comes in two colour options, aquamarine or purple, requires 3 AAA batteries and features a battery-saving automatic time-out function(23 minutes)

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