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Coghlan's Micro Lantern

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Coghlan's Micro Lantern

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This Micro Lantern from Coghlan's is perfect for camping, finding buried treasure under the bed, finding your way to the bathroom, reading under the covers - you name it. A wonderful gift for five and six year olds (and their parents).

This lantern is just too tiny and cute, and remarkably bright. Standing 2 inches high, it fits in the palm of your or your child's hands and weighs less than an ounce. It has an LED light that is very bright and never gets hot, so it is a perfect lantern for little kids. It's also water resistant and lights continuously for 25 hours.

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Here's how to get it. Give us a call at 1-888-990-2292 during store hours, and we'll tell you the availability and shipping costs. Then we'll send you a PayPal invoice and its yours! Easy Peasy.


We all love the Coghlan's Micro Lantern. It is so tiny, yet so remarkably bright. With its on/off or flashing mode, this lantern is very versatile and practical. At only two inches tall it can easily clip onto a key ring, a purse, a backpack or diaper bag.

For those of us at Mountain Baby who have one, we are amazed at how often we use it. We've used it when we've had power failures in the store so customers could find their way to, and use, the bathroom. We've used in to find our way in the dark on camping and canoe trips. We've used it to find the keyhole in our cars or houses. We've used it to read in bed or in our sleeping bags. And it can be used for changing diapers in the dark, attaching a nursing baby in the dark, comforting a frightened child at night, and on and on. Kids just love these micro lanterns. They are amazed at how bright these cute little lanterns are, and they love the flashing function so they can "signal" their friends.

A great gift for family members and friends of all ages!

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