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Coghlan's Tick Remover

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Coghlan's Tick Remover

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Nothing takes the fun out of the outdoors like finding a tick on you, your child or your pet. Gross! (And possibly dangerous!) This handy little Tick Remover from Coghlan's safely and easily removes ticks.

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Finding a tick on you or your child can be really creepy and disturbing. It's important to remove it as soon as possible, but it's challenging to find a way to do it simply. Coghlan's handy little Tick Remover is an easy solution for removing these unsettling creatures. 

The tick remover uses a simple, gentle action which insures the complete removal of ticks from both people and animals. It has a spring loaded claw which securely holds the tick, then a gentle turning action easily and safely removes it.

What to do if you have a run-in with a tick:

After removing the tick, wash the area with soap and water and use antiseptic on the bite AND the tweezers.

Save the tick in a small jar and mark the date and the unfortunate "victim's" name. In case of infection, this will help in diagnosing health problems due to the tick bite.

Watch the bite and the victim's general health and see a doctor if you notice anything out of the ordinary

If you are going into an area that is known for harboring ticks it is best to take some preventive measures:
Cover exposed skin, check for ticks when coming indoors, use tick repellents.
Be sure to check your pets frequently and use tick-control products that are approved by your vet.
Note: the Lyme Disease Foundation advises against burning or smothering ticks to remove them as this may cause the tick to release infected fluid.
The Coghlan's Tick Remover is very small and light, and takes up barely any room. Take it with you whenever you are out in the woods or by a lake.

Click here to learn more from the Mountain Baby Blog: Tick Talk: how to remove ticks and prevent Lyme Disease

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