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International Playthings Egg and Spoon Race

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International Playthings Egg and Spoon Race

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Remember that great old game, the egg and spoon race? Your parents bravely let you play it, hoping the eggs wouldn't break and spill all over - or, they hard boiled the eggs, but that's way less fun. The International Playthings Egg and Spoon Race is made from durable, high quality plastic, provides all the fun of the original game, but when the eggs fall, they split open and out pops the bean bag egg yolk, saving you the clean-up! A great family or party game which gets everyone moving and can be played indoors or out. It's compact enough to take along camping or travelling. 

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On your mark, get set, balance that egg, and GO! This classic Egg and Spoon Race from International Playthings is still a hit with kids and still presents a fun physical challenge. It's a wonderful introduction to the world of relay races yet can be played non-competitively with the youngest children.

In the classic Egg and Spoon race, children have to balance an egg on a spoon, run with it to the turn around spot, then run back to the start without letting the egg drop. To accomplish this children need to engage their balance, dexterity, attention, and focus. There's always lots of laughter and social interaction. If you have more than one set you can play it as a relay race and it becomes an excellent introduction to team playing.

The spoons and eggs are made of a heavy duty plastic. The eggs split apart when dropped and the bean bag yolk "spills" on the ground. There's no mess, no fuss!

Three year olds love this game and think it's very funny. Older children really enjoy the challenge.

The Egg and Spoon Race can be played indoors or out in the backyard, the soccer field or an open meadow. Great for parties, family playtime, or camping.

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