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Hevea Natural Panda Teether

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Hevea Natural Panda Teether

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Teethers are finally going green! The Hevea All Natural Panda Teether is made with pure, sustainably produced, hypo-allergenic (!) latex from the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. It is molded into a very hygienic singular piece, and is free of all dangerous additives and chemicals. This cute Panda Teether is easy  for little hands to hold and fits easily into tiny mouths for teething comfort.

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These molded Hevea teethers are made of 100%, sustainably produced natural rubber (latex)--and we mean 100%, there are no artificial colours, no plastic, no chemical softeners, parabens, PVC, BPA or phthalates. You don't have to be concerned about a latex allergy, because unlike synthetic man made latex, Pure Natural Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial.

The one-piece design of the Hevea teether means that there are no joins, cracks, or openings for bacteria or dirt to enter the soother. It is ergonomically and orthodontically designed. The teether is strong but very soft and flexible.  It is pure and clean for your baby, while also being kind and gentle to the environment. Natural rubber teethers should be replaced about every three months.

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