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Hold Me Handle

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Sometimes your toddler just wants to get out of his or or stroller and walk, and it’s easier to say “yes” then deal with a screaming squirming little person who just wants to break loose. As you know, maneuvering a stroller and holding on to a toddler can be quite the feat! Here’s where the “Hold Me Handle” from Sunshine Kids/ Diono, is a big help.

The Hold Me Handle attaches easily to the side of your stroller handle, and acts like a “hand” for your little one to hold on to. You keep both hands on the stroller, steering safely, and your toddler holds the comfy grip handle.

The Hold Me Handle has an easy-connect, universal attachment that fits most strollers. It easily and quickly detaches if you need to do that in order to fold your stroller.

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Scenario # 1: You‘re out for a long, healthy walk with your stroller and your two year old decides he or she wants “Out” and wants to walk as well. You can hang on for a while, but lest you be looked at suspiciously by passerbyes because your two year old is screaming, the easiest thing to do is to let your little one “out” and have them walk beside you. But trying to keep him or her safe as well as preventing your stroller from careening around the sidewalk, can be challenging.

The ingenious Hold Me Handle from Sunshine Kids/ Diono, attaches at a comfortable level on your stroller and keeps your “out of stroller” child safe and close to you. It leaves you with two hands free to steer the vacant stroller.

Scenario #2: You have a baby in the stroller and an older child you want to keep close to you.

The Hold Me Handle offers a comfortable, easy grip handle for your older child to hold onto while you keep two firm hands on the stroller with your baby in it. This can be especially useful in airports and other crowded areas where you need to steer carefully!

Kids seem to like holding on with this handle. As one Mom put it “They seem to feel grown up “ with the Hold Me Handle. It offers your child a comfortable handhold, and you can place it on your stroller at just the right height for them.

Features include:

• Hands-free supervision

• Attaches easily

• Molded handle

• Adjustable angle

• Removable

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