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Buggin' Out


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Magnets: the perfect travel toy! Imaginetics are the best for road trips and plane rides (or boats and trains). Kids place the magnetic creatures and objects on the bright backdrop to make a scene, or slide them around to tell a story!
Ages 3+
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Parents who like to take their families on adventures are always on the lookout for toys that will pass the time on long journeys. Imaginetics are lightweight and small, so they’re great for packing along on carry-ons or in your child’s backpack. They have endless possibilities for making stories and pictures, and since it’s magnetic, you don’t have to worry about pieces spilling out all over the place!

4 sets:

Dino Age (16 pieces)

Buggin’ Out! (22 pieces)

Fanciful Faeries (13 pieces)

Ballet Time (19 pieces)

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