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iPlay Flexi Specs Sunglasses

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Babies and toddlers don't usually like having sunglasses on their faces. But these Flexi Specs aren't just any sunglasse. They are flexible, soft, and secured with a comfortable strap, making sunglasses a lot more pleasant for your little one.

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Flexi Specs are the “oh so clever” answer to the infant and toddler sunglass dilemma: babies and toddlers tend to not like sunglasses and it’s a challenge to keep them on. But it's important to protect their eyes from sun damage. Flexi-specs solve the challenge: the glasses wrap comfortably all around your baby or toddler's head, but unlike other wrap around sunglasses, the frames on these Flexi Specs are, well, flexible. This means that the nose piece bends and does not leave big red marks on your baby’s nose, and the hard "arms" are replaced with a soft band. Much more comfortable for your little one. The band design is especially useful when the back of your baby or toddler’s head is resting against a stroller, car seat or baby carrier.The band adjusts for head size with a Velcro closure in back. Flexi-specs provide 100% UVA & UVB protection. Great as these are, we cannot promise that a totally determined toddler will not be able to pull them off…but it least it slows them down. Sunglasses hint: babies and toddlers generally do not like wearing sunglasses indoors. They make the room go suddenly dark and it is confusing. The best way to get your little one adjusted to sunglasses is to put them on outside when the sun is shining directly. It also helps if you always wear your sunglasses!!!

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