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Kinetic Sand 1kg (2.2lbs)

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Kinetic Sand 1kg (2.2lbs)

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"Magical and mesmerizing!", "Can't stop playing with it" "My child plays for hours with this", "What a great stress reliever", "I want one in my office"....these are some of the comments we hear about the amazing Kinetic Sand. Kinetic Sand is an adventure in sand play without any of the mess. Made of pure sand with a tiny bit of non-toxic polymer additive, Kinetic Sand molds, squeezes, sifts...all the things sand can do without any grains sticking anywhere. Absolutely Fabulous!

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Here's how to get it. Give us a call at 1-888-990-2292 during store hours, and we'll tell you the availability and shipping costs. Then we'll send you a PayPal invoice and its yours! Easy Peasy.


Kinetic Sand is not only a fabulous, developmentally perfect toy,  it's also non-toxic, casein and gluten free!

Having personally done the taste test (I was asked to by our local Infant Development Specialist), I can truthfully say it tastes gritty and yucky, not tasty like play-dough. And if your child or pet happens to eat some anyway,  you can download the MSDS Sheet for your doctor or vet here - Kinetic MSDS.

Kinetic Sand  leaves no sand or residue on your hands. It won't get ground into your carpets.  (Our store is carpeted and we've tested it many times)

We LOVE Kinetic Sand!!!

Use it together with Castle Molds, made specifically to enhance Kinetic Sand Play

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