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Lily Padz Nursing Pads

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Lily Padz Nursing Pads

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Hiking, running, skiing, camping... leaking? What do you do when you are active and outdoors and don't have the time or place to change your nursing pads? You wear Lily Padz! Lili Padz are the revolutionary alternative to traditional cotton or disposable nursing pads. 

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These nursing pads have made it easy to go anywhere and wear anything when you are breastfeeding, without concerns about those awkward wet spots. Made of thin, soft, flexible, breathable silicone, Lili Padz nursing pads apply a gentle pressure on the nipple to stop breast milk leakage. With their natural 'tackiness' they stay securely in place, even without a bra, even when swimming or sleeping. They are nearly invisible under clothes. You can wear that cute little number--no more bulky lines!

Lily Padz are very convenient for travel as you have no need to pack any other nursing pads. The pads can be quickly rinsed for daily cleaning and worn again immediately.

Lily Padz have been carefully researched in regards to their effect on milk supply, plugged ducts, thrush, nipple trauma and breast infections, and have been found to have better outcomes than traditional nursing pads!

One pair of Lily Padz can last for 6 months or longer, and require only a few minutes a day for cleaning.


  • • Flexible, comfortable, breathable silicone (a natural product)
  • • Won't show through clothes
  • • Easy and quick to clean
  • • Will stay securely in place without a bra
  • • Can be used for 6 months or more

Note: The owner and founder of Mountain Baby is a Lactation Consultant and gives two thumbs up to Lily Padz. She recommends using them after your baby is about six weeks old and your breasts are accustomed to breastfeeding. Of course if you have a special event to attend before that time, go for it anyway.

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