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Lucky Bums Snowshoes 14 inch

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Lucky Bums Snowshoes 14 inch

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Snowshoes give young children a great sense of freedom in the snow. They can move about anywhere like a little rabbit without sinking, and without concern for balancing or careening down a hill too fast! For those children who are ready to try real snowshoe technique, the Lucky Bums Snowshoe offers a lightweight, technical-style aluminum snowshoe with a child-friendly binding that fits most kids' snowboots.

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For kids who are ready to try a snowshoe that is more technical than the Little Bear, the Lucky Bums snowshoe is a great start to the grown-up snowshoe.

Made from lightweight durable aluminum, the Lucky Bums Snowshoe has a metal toe crampon and a leather/durable plastic deck. the kid friendly binding is easy to adjust and fits comfortably on most kids' snowboots. The snowshoe measure 17" long, 7" wide and weighs 12.8 ounces per shoe - very lightweight!

The design of the snowshoe ensures that each time your child takes a step a hinge is engaged which lifts the tail of the snowshoe. This offers extra mobility and speed as well as extra side to side support.

Recommended for kids up to 100 lbs, these snowshoes can be used for many years. Lucky Bums Snowshoes are especially good on hard packed snow.

These snowshoes have a limited lifetime warranty.

•Material: Aluminum frame, metal toe crampon, leather/durable plastic deck

•Features: Lightweight, durable decking, each step engages hings lifting the tail of the shoe for added mobility and speed while providing extra lateral support

•Carry bag included

•Dimensions: 17" long x 7" wide, weight 12.8 ounces per shoe

•Fit: Adjustable kid friendly bindings to accommodate most kids' snow boots, weight capacity up to 100 pounds

•Sizing: Recommended for kids up to 100 pounds

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