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Manhattan Toy Put and Peek Houses

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Manhattan Toy Put and Peek Houses

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So it's kind of a funny thing, but babies and young children really love to put things into other things, and then take them out, and then put them in again. Manhattan Toys know this, and have come up with what some people say are the best put in and take out toys ever! The Put and Peek Birdhouse and Put and Peek Doghouse from Manhattan Toy are perfect playthings for the older baby and young toddler. They are visually bright, attractive and colourful, they are made from soft, very washable cloth, they can be played with in a wide variety of ways and they hold the attention of babies for extended periods. These are toys that interest and delight, and develop various skills in babies from about 6 months to over 18 months.

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The Put and Peek Birdhouse and Doghouse offer many play choices as your baby gets older, with many opportunities to put the birds or dogs inside different openings, peek at them and take them out in different ways. The roof lifts open, the door pulls open, one window just is always open and another window is see-through. They're made from clothOnce your baby is mobile, he or she can hold the very chewable handle and walk around with the houses.

The Put and Peek Birdhouse and Doghouse encourage the development of eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, understanding of in and out, empty/full, top /bottom, open/shut, etc. Playing with your baby offers many opportunities for language development, imaginative play and social interaction.

The Put and Peek Birdhouse and Doghouse are easy to take along with you and make great travel toys.

These toys have been real favourites in the store for many years, and will no doubt remain so as they are simply wonderful.

Here is what one reviewer said abou the Peek and Put Birdhouse: "I (and my daughter) love that there is more than one way to take things in and out. At first my daughter loved pulling the birds through the hole in the roof, then she learned how to open the door, and keep it open (this is a good one, the door flips closed if not held open this helps develop fine motor skills, I think). And just recently she's learned to open the roof, which is a bit trickier. She likes to put the birds and ANYTHING else that will fit in it and then peek at it through the clear end. She carries it around all day filling and emptying it with anything and everything. I like that you can see through some sides and not others so some of the contents remain a surprise to little seekers. The 4 birds are very cute and full of many textures. They have a soft rattle which wouldn't disturb any one sitting near you in public. This has been well played with for the past 9 months and I expect it will still be out for many more!"

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