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Moby Wrap Original

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Wrap style carriers have become increasingly popular with parents as they discover how remarkably comfortable they are; easy on the back, no strain on the shoulders, no pull on the neck. The Moby Wrap is an beautifully and brilliantly designed wrap style carrier that insures your baby is uniquely close and secure while providing ultimate comfort and support. It allows you to be hands free, to carry your baby in many positions, and makes breastfeeding a cinch. It can be used for preemies up to 35 lbs.

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The Moby Wrap is a wide piece of 100% cotton fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders. It is amazingly comfortable and easy to wear because it uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders and hips, to carry the weight of your baby. It is easy to adjust the fit for maximum comfort for any “baby wearer” by varying the tightness of the wrap on your body and around your baby. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners.

We have chosen the Moby Wrap brand of baby wrap carriers for several reasons; it is very well made and carefully sewn, the material itself is of excellent, durable quality. It has just the right amount of “give” and the right amount of “cling, " which is very important in a baby wrap.

Having tested a range of wrap carriers we have found that some are way too stretchy (too much “give”) and as the baby gets bigger the baby’s weight pulls the wrap down, lowers the baby and strains your back. Others are way too stiff (not enough “cling”), and baby isn’t as snuggled, cuddled, or held as close to you because of the stiffness of the fabric.

The Moby Wrap is very ergonomic in its design and is the carrier we most recommend for customers with serious back problems. We have had customers who’ve had a broken back and were told they could never carry their baby. Remarkably they were able to carry their baby comfortably in the Moby Wrap. Likewise we have had customers with other physical problems, such as MS, who were also able to use the Moby Wrap as opposed to any other carrier. Unlike other carriers, which have narrow straps or go across one shoulder, the Moby Wrap is a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders. It is amazingly comfortable and easy to wear. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners. It is easy to adjust the fit of the Moby Wrap by varying how tightly you wrap yourself and your baby.

The Moby Wrap holds your baby very securely and is one of the few carriers that can be used with a preemie baby. With the single stretch cotton and the width of the Moby Wrap, your baby is wrapped close and tight, ensuring a secure hold. Your baby’s head can also be secured under the stretchy cotton fabric for added safety. You can have both hands free and know your baby is safe and secure.

Many parents find that the Moby Wrap is especially handy for a second (or third or fourth) baby. When the new baby is wrapped in the Moby, he or she is held very close to Mom or Dad and he or she is virtually hidden beneath the fabric. This keeps baby out of the sight and range of older siblings who still need lots of attention and may not feel that positively about the newcomer in the family. Because you are hands free and the baby is secure and protected, it is much easier to tend to older siblings.

The Moby Wrap adjusts to your growing baby and can be used until your baby is about 35 lbs. It is totally machine washable in cold water, and is available in a range of colours as well as in organic or regular cotton.

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