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Alex Monkey Balance Board

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Alex Monkey Balance Board

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Improve balance and coordination with this sturdy wooden wobbly board. Perfectly sized for little feet, this brightly colored balance board is challenging and fun.

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Balancing is an important skill for young children to acquire and one they naturally work hard to master.  The Monkey Balance Board presents a balance challenge that children are motivated to meet and when they do, they're psyched about it. Get ready for a lot of "look at me!" When children play with the Monkey Balance Board they step up onto the wooden board which naturally rocks back and forth. They need to use their balancing skills to stay upright and not fall over (the board is low to the ground so they won't fall very far if they do lose their balance).

The Monkey Balance Board inspires children to persevere until they master the back and forth rocking motion and, as an added bonus, the rocking back and forth itself provides benefits for children's developing nervous systems. The brightly coloured balance board is perfectly sized for little feet, but if you feel inspired to try it, there is no weight limit so go for it! This is a good indoor, active toy theoretically for three and up, but an agile two year old could enjoy and master it as well.

Some simple adult assembly is required.


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