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Nutcase Little Nutty Street Helmet

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Whether your child is biking or bouncing on a pogo stick, it’s absolutely essential for them to wear a helmet--and for that helmet to be the highest quality. It takes just a second, and just a small accident, to damage your child’s precious brain permanently, so choosing the right helmet is not something to be taken lightly. Choosing a helmet that is “pretty good”, and fits “pretty well”, is not an option.

At Mountain Baby we are fully and totally committed to the safety and well being of children. That’s why we searched tirelessly for a helmet we could feel good about supplying. After about 6 months of research and discussion, we found , and chose, Nutcase helmets.

Nutcase helmets meet all our essential criteria:

1) precise, adjustable, close fit

2) light weight

3) comfortable to wear

4) stylish with kid and adult appeal

If a helmet doesn’t have these elements, they either won’t be safe, or kids will be yanking them off every second they get. And Nutcase really stands behind their helmets.

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The expertly-designed Nutcase helmets meet all Canadian safety standards. They have great features that ensure the utmost protection and comfort.

The central, really awesome feature of the Nutcase helmet is the adjustable spin dial at the back that allows for the perfect--really perfect--fit. Any “wiggle room” in a helmet’s fit is enough to reduce its effectiveness. Molded, Expanded Polystyrene foam padding further protects against impact.

Nutcase helmets weigh 360 grams, whereas many kids helmets weigh over 400 grams. If the helmet is too heavy, it can really strain little necks, and if an accident does happen, the weight of the helmet could cause additional neck injury. Also, if kids feel like they’re carrying a tonne on their heads, they’ll hate putting on their helmets.

These helmets are super easy to take on and off--but totally securely fastened--thanks to their magnetic closure. All of us have probably pinched our kids, or our own skin in the buckles of helmets. Nutcase uses a magnet that just slides right into place and locks in. The “buckle” is to the side, as opposed to the centre, and that gives them room to add a padded strip for chin protection. It’s also easy for kids to release, so they aren’t struggling to get their helmets off.

Kids actually like wearing nutcase helmets. They’re really cool--not just because they have 6 vents to keep little heads from getting all sweaty, but because they have the cutest, hip designs. Kids actually like putting on these helmets because they’re practically a fashion accessory. They have two reflective logos, and each one has the fantastic Nutcase slogan banner, “I love my brain.” They’re comfy and light, so they feel good on kids’ heads.

XS 46-52 cm / 18"-20 1/2"

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