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Rooted New Mama Bottom Balm 2oz

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This powerful, yet gentle, all-natural New Mama Bottom Balm from Rooted heals and soothes some of the painful after-effects of labour. The herbs and oils in this special formula can work wonders on bruises, tearing, episiotomies, itching and swelling that can happen after bringing your baby into the world.

Ingredients: Virgin Olive Oil Infused with, Organic Calendula Flowers, Organic St Johns Wort, Organic Yarrow Leaf and Flowers, Organic Witch Hazel Leaf , Organic Lavender Flowers and Beeswax and Pure Essential Oils of Cypress and Rose Geranium.

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This astringent, healing salve is infused with a powerful blend of herbs to soothe and heal bruising, tearing, episiotomies, itching and swelling after birth. It is also a fabulous remedy to help shrink hemorrhoids prenatally (in the last trimester or at your own discretion) and during the postpartum period.

Created by two birth doulas who are also mothers themselves, the Rooted line offers high quality products for families looking for gentle, natural care. They’re made with as few ingredients as possible instead of a laundry list of additives. No harsh chemicals. No artificial fragrances. Only what you and your family need. Rooted only uses ingredients that are found in nature and have a positive healing effect on our bodies. When they say “found in nature” they mean ingredients that can be harvested and used in their original form, without additives or chemical alterations.

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