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This toy is classic. It may be a simple design, but the Skyrocopter from Battat Toy is loads of fun. Kids love launching it into the air (up to 50 feet!), then running after it as it spins down to the ground. Exercise, vicarious flying feelings, outdoor fun--there's a lot packed into this little gem of a toy.
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An all-time favourite, the Skyrocopter is great for active, outdoor play. Either you or the kids (4 and up) pull the string, hold on to the handle and the spinning "copter" flies up to 50 feet in the air. If the wind is blowing, it sets you off an a chase in all kinds of directions.

The little ones love to run and find the Skyrocopter and bring it back for another turn. It's good times, and also helps develop visual tracking skills and makes for a great little fitness session. 

Measures approximately 12" in diameter.

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