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Diono Buggy Shade

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Diono Buggy Shade

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If you have a stroller that doesn't have a built in sunshade, this Buggy Shade Umbrella by Diono, will provide the sun protection your little one needs. Parents with a canopied stroller also use it for those areas the canopy doesn't cover. It easily attaches to the stroller and is easy to adjust.

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We often get asked for stroller umbrellas and were happy to find the Diono Buggy Shade, with it's roomy coverage. It is designed to block harmful UV rays and some parents say it offers decent emergency rain protection as well. It easily attaches to most strollers (someparents say it doesn't work as well on Joggers) or can be used as a free standing umbrella. The Diono Buggy Shade Umbrella clamps sturdily, releases quickly and adjusts easily to follow the sun.

Check out this review:

"Sturdy with great features. It has a sturdy clamp (I see some people have managed to break it. Goodness only knows how...) that does grip the buggy frame securely and doesn't slip. Next to that is a push-button swivel so you can tilt it more or less vertical. Then there is this really stiff flexible shaft that bends in any direction and stays in place, so you can tilt left or right, backwards and forwards. The umbrella itself is like any umbrella, nice black woven silky cloth. Lastly there is a quick release click so you can remove the umbrella and leave the clip on the buggy frame - handy!
We love it."

 Product Dimensions: 32.75" H x 27" W x 27" D (83.2 x 68.6 x 68.6 cm)




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