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Milkscreen Home Test for Alcohol in Breastmilk - 20 pack

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Milkscreen Home Test for Alcohol in Breastmilk - 20 pack

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Let's be honest, it's nice to have a glass and wine now and then after 9 months of stringent prohibitions. We get it. But you want to be certain not a trace of that has gotten into your breastmilk.

Most mothers "pump and dump" after consuming alcohol, but until now they have never been able to tell when the alcohol has left their system and their breast milk. Because every mother's metabolism is different, there are no hard and fast guidelines to follow. MILKSCREEN, a simple at home two minute test shows the presence of alcohol in breast milk at .02%. At .03% or higher, babies show a reaction to the presence of alcohol in breast milk.

There are 20 tests in this package.

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There are times when the most loving, conscientious nursing moms find themselves at a social event, a girls' night out, a first post-baby date with their partner, a family camping trip when the kids are asleep, and they would like to have an alcoholic drink or two.

As you probably know, drinking alcohol when breastfeeding must be done with great care, as alcohol passes directly into breast milk and thus goes right to your baby. Most moms pump and discard their milk after drinking to guarantee that their babies do not receive any alcohol.

Until now there has been no way to tell whether your breast milk is safe for your baby or not. Moms do not know how long they need to “pump and discard”. This MILKSCREEN milk testing kit can bring peace of mind to nursing moms Alcohol remains in your breastmilk for the same amount of time that it is in your bloodstream. The more you drink, the longer alcohol will be in your bloodstream and the longer it will be in your breast milk.

Milkscreen is a two minute at home test to detect alcohol in breast milk. It has been approved by the Canadian Ministry of Health. For a good overview on Alcohol and Breastfeeding, click here: Click here to see a video of Milkscreen in Action:

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