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Thinkbaby Sunscreen

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Thinkbaby Sunscreen

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It's best to minimize the use of sunscreen on babies under six months, with their skin being so thin and sensitive. But the sun's rays are harsher these days, and sometimes you really need to put a layer of protection on your little ones. But the majority of sunscreens contain ingredients that are not safe for babies, even if they are "organic" or "natural."On those super sunny days, you can rest assured Thinkbaby's sunscreen offers the best protection and the safest ingredients for your baby. As one of our staff members said after reading the ingredients, "You could eat this!"

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Parents are often overwhelmed when it comes to sun protection for their babies and children. We want our kids to enjoy the outdoors, to absorb the wonderful vitamin D that the sun offers us, but we also want to protect our children from harmful sunrays. We at Mountain Baby have done extensive research on sunscreens and Thinkbaby Sunscreen/SPF50+ is specifically formulated to be as safe for babies as possible. This chemical free sunscreen is rated as one of the safest, non-toxic children's sunscreens available by the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Database (only 39 sunscreens in North America meet their standards, and only 11 are recommended for babies). Aside from its high level of safety and effectiveness, Thinkbaby goes on easily and a little goes a long way. At Mountain Baby we never recommend a product that we do not feel really good about in terms of health, safety, developmental appropriateness, etc. And we feel good about Thinkbaby sunscreen. To read more about Thinkbaby, click here

PS - Want to know the difference between Thinkbaby and Thinksport? It's called packaging. The manufacturers of Thinkbaby heard from their customers that children over four or five, as well as adults, did not want to use a "baby" sunscreen. So they created Thinksport and now everyone is happy, and sunsafe!

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