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Wee Woolies Merino Wool Infant Sleeper

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Wee Woolies one-piece Merino wool sleeper is the perfect base layer for your baby. Little tummies will stay well covered and protected with the one piece tops to ride up!  Whether you use this as a sleeper indoors, or as a base layer when you're outside, your baby will stay comfy in all seasons. Wee Woolies is designed and made in Victoria, BC, from 100% sustainably raised, New Zealand Merino wool. Naturally breathable, temperature regulating, and moisture wicking, these layers will keep your little ones comfortable, and warm - but never too hot - year round. They are versatile, practical, comfortable, and cute!

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With fold over cuffs for room to grow and a smooth zipper for easy on and offs, Wee Woolies Merino wool sleeper is sure to be a favourite indoors and out. Ultra fine merino fibres have the amazing ability to regulate body temperature and help control moisture, so baby stays dry and comfortable all the time.

Wee Woolies are made from Zque merino wool, which has been through an accreditation program that ensures environmental, social and economic sustainability, animal welfare, and traceability back to origin. It is processed without exposure to chlorine or harsh chemicals and is made with non-toxic dyes ensuring a completely natural product through and through.

Bonus! Merino is naturally stain and odour resistant and requires less frequent washing than other fabrics – yay!

The benefits of Merino--and all this without additives! Merino wool:

•helps regulate baby’s body temperature.

• is breathable and moisture-wicking, so baby’s skin stays dry and rash-free. If it gets really soaked, it will stay warm, unlike synthetics.

• has natural elasticity so clothes keep their shape wash after wash, and grow and move with kids.

• can (and should!) be worn all year round. It creates a microclimate around the body, keeping you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. won’t scratch, itch or irritate sensitive skin.

• is fire retardant and self-extinguishing. is odour resistant, so it needs less washing. is easy to care for and clean, and is machine washable (see below).

*Washing* Merino wool is not as difficult to care for as you might think and more forgiving than traditional wool garments. Of course the best way to prolong its life and maintain the softness and strength of wool is to hand wash at low temperature using a mild wool detergent. But let's be honest, as busy parents ourselves we know it is almost impossible to find time for hand washing. So this Bambino Merino Onesie can be machine washed provided the following golden rules are followed.

• Always use a detergent specifically formulated for use on woollen garments - such as Ecover Delicate for Silk & Wool,or Woolite. Don’t presume your usual non-bio detergent will be fine; if you check the label most say they are not suitable for wool.

• Wash at a maximum temperature of 30˚c – heat and wool don't mix and washing at high temperatures causes ‘felting’ and shrinkage.

• Spin gently.

• Do not soak.

• Fabric conditioners or softeners are not recommended (or needed).

• Gently reshape the garment as you remove it from the washing machine.

• Do not use bleach.

• Merino doesn’t hold a lot of water so dries quickly on a drying rack or over a banister.

• Do not tumble dry.

• Dry away from direct sunlight

• Cool iron if required (we have never found the need-nor desire-to do this).


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