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Wimmer Ferguson Sights and Sounds Travel Toy

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Wimmer Ferguson Sights and Sounds Travel Toy

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An attention-grabber AND holder, this toy is perfect for road trips and plane rides, or even just buying a few extra minutes of quiet at home. The black and white patterns of the Wimmer Ferguson Sights and Sounds Travel Toy are mesmerizing to babies, there’s also a mirror they can gaze into, the two colourful rings are great for teethers, and there are all kinds of textures and sounds to keep things interesting. The Sights and Sounds toy can attach to strollers, car seats, carriers, or any other preferred mode of transportation with a velcro closure, making it a great travel companion!

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The Sights and Sounds travel Toy was designed by Wimmer-Ferguson, the original people to catch on (through extensive research) that babies are hypnotized by black and white patterns. They also found, that black and white patterns were developmentally beneficial for babies to gaze at. They hold attention, encourage visual tracking and exploration, and can stimulate physical activity such as that cute wiggling babies do and those (seemingly random, but really not) arm and leg movements. So this toy is not only fun for babies, it’s full of developmental goodness.

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