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"I truly love this store! I have been ordering online from Mountain Baby for years now and the products are of quality. Every time I have visited Nelson, BC I always am soo excited to visit the store and stock up on all my favourite products that they…

Stephanie Dietz

So incredibly impressed with my boys new snow suit. Fits him this season and should fit next season too! Kept him toasty warm with just a tshirt and pj pants underneath! He even played by himself in the back yard cuz he didn't want to come in. And for a…

Rosie Gartner

Our baby Aiden who is now 6 month old loves his life jacket. It is so comfortable easy to get on and off. He even falls asleep in his life jacket.

Shelley Hood

...rain suits that we bought 2 y ago, still in great shape and don't show the wear and tear at all...

Ramona- Green Star Childcare, Burnaby BC

Thanks for being so thoughtful about the toys you bring in! We were in the other evening to buy gloves for the toddler babe and at the till Michelle took the time to show us the kinetic sand. I can't believe how fun it is. My daughter is saving…

Laurryn Asbell

Thanks guys for the new suits! They shipped super fast. These things are truly THE BEST!!

Nicole Boissonnault- Alberta

Thank you Mountain Baby for the awesome customer service and quick shipment to South Carolina in the US! We were searching high and low for an appropriate fitting life jacket for our 8 week old to be able to come on our boating excursions. I came across this product googling…

Candice Boerman- South Carolina

We love our Tuffo Rain Suit! Layer it over warm clothes, including merino wool under layers from Mountain Baby and it turns into an awesome snow suit! Much easier for him to move around in than his big puffy snow pants and it keeps him so dry and warm!

Rosie Gartner