Mountain Baby is Canada's leading online source for eco-friendly baby, toddler and preschooler outdoor gear, accessories, toys and sporting equipment.


Our Store

 "My kids and I always feel so welcome here. I love it."

 Mountain Baby was voted the most family-friendly business in our area of Canada. Our commitment to children and families is fundamental to our business and it shows. We often hear from our customers how Mountain Baby is part of their daily route - the place they come to hang out, play, nurse, and meet other parents while running errands.

 "I love this store, but my daughter just never wants to leave!"

Are we boasting? Ok yes, we are. We're just really proud that families and gift-givers alike come from all over to find the perfect item for the little adventurers in their lives. 

"I always know I can trust you to help me find a wonderful gift for my grandson."

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Everything in the store is safe and unbreakable so parents can just relax. We have a train-set table, ride-on toys, a stocked wooden kitchen, tiny shopping carts, and dolls for kids to play with while their parents peruse. We even have a tiny child sized toilet in our bathroom and a comfy change table.

"The tiny toilet is what motivated my kid to go off diapers!"

Our nursing room is big and spacious (we don't believe moms should have to feed their babies in bathrooms), with a comfy chair, nursing pillow and nursing stool. It's a room that really honours nursing momsOur owner, Judy Banfield is a certified lactation consultant and regularly provides free expert nursing advice to local mothers.

"Thanks for the roomy nursing room. Its great to have a place to come to feed my baby when we're downtown."

And most importantly, our staff LOVE little kids! They are committed to outstanding, caring customer service. We don't mind bringing six pairs of shoes over to the train table so your toddler can try them on without having to interrupt playtime. We have a great time in the store and spend a lot of our day laughing!

Visiting our store is an experience unto itself and if you ever find yourself in Nelson, we’d love to meet you!