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Sunday Afternoons Playhat-The Ultimate Sunhat

Sunday Afternoons Playhat-The Ultimate Sunhat

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We call this fabulous Playhat sunhat from Sunday Afternoons the Ultimate Sunhat because it has everything you could ever want in a sunhat. Genius! Read more, we'll prove it to you. 

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If you were to design the perfect kids' sunhat what would your "specs" outline? You'd probably want an extra wide brim that completely shaded the child's face right down to his or her chin. You'd want a long wide flap in the back so that the back of the neck, the shoulders and upper back were protected as well. The hat would be extremely lightweight so the child felt little pressure on his or her head. It would be breathable so his or her head wouldn't get hot and sweaty. Quick drying would be great too if you got caught in a downpour or it got dunked in the water. It would have an easy adjustable strap so it wouldn't blow off in the wind. And of course, it would need to look amazingly cute and come in great colors.

Well this is THE hat! We have been through sooooo many hats over the years and are thrilled to have discovered the "Playhat" from Sunday Afternoons. It's everything we've been looking for in a sunhat, and according to our customers, especially those who spend a lot of time outdoors, it's the best hat they've ever had for their children as well.

Hat Sizing

Infant 18-20" / 45.7 - 50.8cm

Baby 19.75-21.74" / 50.1 - 55.2cm

Child 20.5-22.5" / 52.0 - 57.1cm

Youth 21.75-23"/ 55.2 - 58.4cm



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